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Share bicycle how? What is profit pattern? Earn after all do not make money, believe this also is the issue that a lot of people consider to know. Come like one night spring breeze suddenly, 1000 streets 10 thousand alley are bicycle. Nowadays, share bicycle to had gained ground to come in many cities, along with rode the pattern that follows to go to the lavatory greatly the go outing of common people goes. Nevertheless, share bicycle to be in convenient we go out row while, also reveal a problem of a few societies. Violate compasses occupy path, chaos to stop chaos to put, in quick succession is destroyed artificially by.

The injury that shares bicycle and painful

Recently, on the one place corridor of community of Shenzhen bay mansion, between one night by the person wanton piled up many 300 share bicycle, accumulate hill, why can you appear suddenly to share bicycle so much?

The reporter comes to the spot, discover two side accumulation wears community corridor of all sorts of brands share bicycle, two hill grave is near 3 meters tall, crude guess has many 300. Because pile up crude, the wheel of a few bicycle happens be out of shape, the spare parts such as basket of many handlebar, car scatters in all round.

Volunteer tall gentleman: Very astonish, have before one night see a picture, still do not have so exaggerative, the first see too much.

This volunteer says, many local dwellers see, have a large number of sharing bicycle is destroyed by person ill will, but when they hurry to the spot, suffer the obstruct of community security personnel however.

The bay mansion community of Shenzhen belongs to the village in the city, the distance between Lou Yu is narrower, although the occurrence that shares bicycle brought advantage to local dweller, but stop chaos to put an appearance in disorder, let original not w新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ide street go more hard. When environmental sanitation worker makes a master be swept everyday, must the ground moves away the bicycle that is placed on the road.

How to say, share a car to advantage has disadvantage, although earn money and convenient pedestrian, but put pair of road to jam in disorder everywhere very suffer an effect. Environmental sanitation worker allows a master worker: Basically be a child, ride not sensible chaos to put, adult also has set back, we when should removed it, do not have method, removed we just pass.

Security personnel of local city canal, community is dissuaded for many times, but the problem of random park is inextricability, many users still produce conflict with security personnel.

New residential quarter of mansion of Shenzhen Shekou bay is street cleaner is in charge of Xu Jianmin: Clear clear also over- , (User) also run (say) , this car I even, security personnel is moved (bicycle) also be report makes a noise with them, saying is to steal their car.

But under, security personnel was forced to take tough punish kind, will share bicycle to pile up centrally. Current, each share bicycle business and place street execute the law the team is undertaking negotiation, formulate is aimed at the plan of bicycle random park.

The each district of p上海同城对对碰交友社区

roblem whole nation that shares bicycle random park exists. 17 days, carriage bureau 阿爱上海同城

of traffic of Jiangsu Nanjing city announced ” a certain number of opinions that Nanjing city promotes a net to make an appointment with bicycle health to develop (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) ” , the person that brew the use to sharing bicycle executes real name to make, the person that will violate the use of compasses break a contact for many times at the same time includes blacklist.

According to the computation of the personage inside上海夜网


se of study, one shares bicycle, cost to be about 300 yuan go to 3000 yuan, rely on the hire of horary one yuan, every bicycle also needs to ride a 300 second above at least. The reporter discovers in investigation, except commute outside fastigium, in other period of time, the use frequency of bicycle is not tall. Want to rely on hire mode to cover car cost, inside short time, still hard be successful. And, because car attempers,also reside with the operation cost that all sorts of loss cause difficult below.

Small cry bicycle author Deng Yonghao: The biggest cost is loss one is operation, I understand the loss of other person of the same trade to achieve 30-50% , the software of early days is developed, the development flower of the lock dropped a few cost.

Since short-term profit is difficult, why one round annulus is capital gone to even share is money bungled to burn money in bicycle?

Small cry bicycle author Deng Yonghao: The accrual direction that shares bicycle future to be able to arise is more, for instance itself rides an income is the advertisement above a respect, automobile body be, next the advertisement above APP is, add other platform to undertake drainage, it is a kind of channel that shows changeably.

Investor expresses, share bicycle investment to heat dozens of money, big free war now, it is to take a fancy to the cash that user cash pledge generates to flow mostly.

This year January, inchoate the two bicycle platform that enters the market announces, user amount exceeds 10 million. According to both 299 yuan, 99 yuan cash pledge computation, cash pledge is as high as 2.99 billion yuan respectively, mix 990 million yuan. From present law the regulation is told, to the use mode of cash pledge, for instance he is used at other invests a purpose and setting without specific legislation. The interest income that more and more investor value cash pledge of a huge sum, even yield, cash pledge risk also is in accumulate ceaselessly.

Famous finance and economics comments on person leaf wingceltis: How does this cash pledge do after all, is not collect money it illegally with Internet finance pull be in, next to it one club beats dead, because to these companies from the back these capital of investment, it also is to assuming particular risk.

Li Junhui of researcher of college of Chinese politics and law: So financial superintendency department is necessary to give to account of each website platform deposit superintend, prevent a trade competition is intense, perhaps manage not to be pooh-poohed.

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