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Good news! Social security card will realize one cartoon of countrywide 2017, this is meant in before long in the future, all people that hold card get stuck by a piece of social security only, can free enjoys welfare of 102 social security!

According to plan of person company department, 2017 the end of the year, social security of whole nation of will basic implementation one cartoon. This is meant in before long in the future, all people that hold card get stuck by a piece of social security only, can deal with relationship of obtain employment, social security, medical treatment, human affairs, working to wait for 9 kinds big in all 102 business!

According to statistic, up to by 2016, our country social security blocks the number that hold card to amount to 972 million person, be in a lot of places, common people holds card of a piece of social security, pay with respect to go to a doctor of can contented registration, finance wait for a variety of demand.

On May 6, 2016, person company department is in 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

” about strengthen and improving domain of manpower resource social security the opinion of public service ” clear, card of implementation social security crossed the area, each manpower resource that crosses business to deal with an individual directly and social security general affairs 2017, open the compositive application to territory of other and public service, social security of basic implementation whole nation one cartoon.

Social security blocks 6 basic functions

On July 31, 2014, person company department puts forward, card of sufficient play social security is united in the standard, the function is compatible the advantage of the respect, the key develops 6 basic functions:

(One) electronic proof function

As the person that hold card social security card conduction obtain employment is registered, unemployment is registered, ginseng protect register, inductrial injury is maintained, the manpower resource such as appraisal of vocational training, skill and social security business, the proof of main electron identity that enjoys each obtain employment to give aid to policy and obtain employment service, social security service, talent serves.

(2) information records a function

Be inside social security card or individual of record of relevant tiring-room system is basic information of resource of information, manpower and business of social security key, form the certificate carbon of electronic form.

(3) self-help inquires a function

Through social security card serves system of tiring-room of machine of an organic whole or join of other service channel in self-help, convenient the manpower resource that manages individual of inquiry blocking a person and information of social security rights and interests and conduct relevant business.

(4) function of settle accounts of go to a doctor

Through social security card realizes medical treatment of this locality and the medical treatment insurance that cross the land, inductrial injury insurance, bi爱上海

rth insurance to expend instant settle accounts, supportive registration, diagnosis and treatment, gravid register, be in hospital is registered, the information that buys the process of go to a doctor such as medicine serves, realize go to a doctor one cartoon.

(5) pay cost and pay get a function

The bank account that gets stuck through social security realizes cost of of all kinds pay and pay to get. Include an individual cost of pay of exam of talent of cost of pay of each society insurance, human affairs, safe and regular pay and one-time pay get each society, submit an expense account charge is gotten, obtain employment gives aid to policy allowance fund is gotten, key industry (enterprise) peasant worker pay is gotten etc.

(6) finance pays a function

The bank account that gets stuck t上海夜网

hrough soci上海贵族宝贝

al security is dealt with access a paragraph, turn Zhang, generation receives era to pay wait for business.

One calor上海千花网交友

ie enjoys welfare of 102 social security in hand free

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