Epic says ” corpse world war ” direct seeding heat is hot suffer next dozen of face

” corpse world war ” several days ago official put on sale, after at the same time online player reachs the peak value of 133 thousand person take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, at present already prediction of a person’s luck in a given year 80% . Basically be the face that hit Epic store. ” corpse world war ” annou爱上海

nce PC edition abandons las上海贵族宝贝

t month Steam, convert Epic store, aroused a few controversy. Before this ” the subway: Escape ” ever also 阿拉爱上海同城

sufferred censure because of similar operation, but still harvested with excellent character finally reputably. Players discover gradually later, although Epic store becomes more to the cent of developer, can make in爱上海

dustrial development more healthy, challenge the monopoly position of Valve, but Epic store is ceaseless the practice with exclusive tripartite mixes bribe Epic store too the function of confine, letting more and more players feel malcontent. Then contradictio上海夜网

n looks in be like ordinary chance to erupt, epic issues strategy to be in charge of Sergey Galyonkin last week 2 pushing go up especially announce, ” corpse world war ” in Twitch popular the platoon in watching game is in the 3rd, and popular before 10 have 3 in the name is the game with Epic exclusive store. Still express ” the world that welcomes to coexistence of much store platform ” , peremptory the attitude of a pair of victory. Netizens of course not buy it, the sound on Reddit forum expresses this view generally ” existence bias, without confirming ” . And the follow-上海贵族宝贝论坛

up of this matter spreads out is rich more dramatic: ” corpse world war ” Twitch direct seeding watched heat to be maintained only 48 hours or so. At present ” corpse world war ” Twitch direct seeding watchs a number to still be less than 2000 people. Can says most canorous makes a face. And those who need an attention is, the data of statistical website GitHyp shows, saber atelier ever spent money to ask Twitch the following day in the line on game actually advocate sow play ” corpse world war ” , decrease to avoid to view a number namely. If be really such, the manner that Epic respect gives out more resembling is to be in guide oneself act oneself.

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