” keep watch pioneer ” one ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun ” and red! Became pornographic website to search hot word

” keep watch pioneer ” fair measure in light last weekend exploded the market, but on the network most igneous topic is not this game the player amount of 1 million class, perhaps be disregarded completely ” be born for battle ” , however because role model is too sexy and became pornographic website to search a keyword.

According to the whole world kinds of the biggest love net stands the statistic of Pronhub, from ” keep watch pioneer ” fair on May 5 after measuring, this is by appearance everywhere my の marries ” army group fastness ” search scale of the vocabulary is mad related game go up to 817% , search among them most is hunt sky. It is reported, major content is built a model to undertake transforming for the foundation with game, game gives the role with Film Maker later people the movement with added a point erratic, let video become vivid and interesting thereby.

Besides, whole world people is right exploration ” keep watch pioneer ” part interest is full, affection of soaking of user of Asia, Europe, North America is participated in, feel more amused than game it seems that. The country that discharges advanced row has Korea White Russia, russia and Poland, before the United States is connected 20 did not kill go in. Actually in the past ” keep watch pioneer ” hunt is empty because the pose is too sexy,was forced to change new posture, but must admit, a few have the female part of characteristic quite, still be in player group in stayed to keep watch first the good name of buttock.

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