Develop secret laborious: Hello atelier ever wanted to abandon for a time ” unmanned deep space “

In the in a few years game in the past industry once was born cross a lot of audition to go up to think very wildly, carefully very distinctive, last see very commonplace work. ” unmanned deep space ” accord with in front insanity and distinctive description, but it absolutely won’t prevalent custom is commonplace.

Although ” unmanned deep space ” had earned sufficient public praise a few this years in game industry, but those who make a person feel amazed accident is, hello atelier once wanted to abandon this project for a time. 2013, a flood assaulted their office, bring about Sean Murray to decide to stop to make development originally almost.

Murray discloses to IGN say: A few Zhou Zhi hind are christmas, the Christmas is overnight that day of our collectivity has a holiday, result office was wided by water. I think we had not announced this game formally at that time, can roll out VGX 2013 prize-giving celebration. I still think or make OK and flat cancel ” unmanned deep space ” , because we are right,this project has been done not have very much hold. And begin to try to cancel this project really when us when, we ask in reply suddenly however oneself, what working since are we so long? (laugh)

Game did not appear at that time, nobody can oppugn this atelier to make a so large-scale item with an originality without test. But they still award prize in VGX 2013 finally this paragraph of video was announced on celebration. Abrupt between they realize, players are not to want to this project, must want however.

This is more awkward situation, we stay of course have backup, but our loss a lot of work achievement, but we cannot talk about these, because this project just just is announced, if people hears game to cancel certain can special life. Players because you are a small group,won’t excuse you.

Some moment players do not know the show sympathy small group that make really, what the player sees is the result that cancel and delays only, do not know the difficult position that also won’t consider fabricant. But Hello atelier knows, players do not wish to abandon what they should do, so they also did not let ” unmanned deep space ” cancel easily.

Our christmas returned the office that day, whole group rally. I should say, this flood is a favour to us. At that time we in the group of 10 people, 4 people are clearing room, 6 people are looking on, they been seeinging VGX 2013 final ” unmanned deep space ” after video, those who want is I dare decide this project cannot be finished certainly.

Next we return origin, we feel everybody needs to participate in come in, we must reforming group. We need the group that a be of one mind throws, but the person that looks on to additionally 6, I feel this group had appeared difference. We have a few experience that they do not have, they also have a few experience that we do not have.

We need a kind of link, subsequently join appeared. Our everybody begins to throw the thing in the office outside together, assembled new computer next. Begin from this hut, we on the desk that 10 people squeeze in put up with to be able to be used, computer fittings is completely all round. This paragraph of experience lets us join together, compose built solidarity. I remember myself saying, yes this project is very fearsome, but after thinking we are finished, attend E3 news briefing together, next pavilion explodes full status.

For two times after E3 is exhibited greatly, hello atelier gets ready eventually will make originally push to thirsty and intolerable player group. June 21 will be the hour that we witness a miracle, be enmeshed in the aerospace of boundless of length and breadth of land, enter the imaginary airspace of Hello atelier.

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