[it is OK that the waist aches Lian Yuga] how does _ lumbago _ exercise –

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Knowing gem gal is to pass a few substantially the movement will practice achieving the result of cultivate one’s morality repeatedly, the person with a few so bad waists can dread to this generation. The effect that fears to practice gem gal achieving body of model reducing weight not only can accentuate instead lumbar burden. Actually otherwise, everything wants to be decided according to individual circumstance, act accordingly. The person that the waist is fond of does the movement with a few a bit less scope to do not have disadvantage to have profit possibly still to the waist not only.

It is OK that the waist aches Lian Yuga

Unfavorable Lian Yuga becomes lumbago of 1. structure sex whether does gem gal practice aptly when body occurrence lumbago, want to make clear the reason of lumbago above all. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Normally next lumbago can divide the circumstance to be mixed for structural sex lumbago functional sex lumbago. Structural sex lumbago is the bone sex structure with lumbar the change is given priority to, for instance lumbar centrum surge, the lumbago of; function sex such as stricture of lumbar vertebra canal is with parenchyma is retreated all round lumbar change cause, wait like strain of lumbar muscles.

If 2. changes the lumbago that cause because of lumbar structure sex, tell a bit simplier, it is lumbar joint occurrence problem is unfavorable do gem gal, lest accentuate illness ” . Sex of optional after consulting professional doctor choose practices patient of functional sex lumbago movement of a few gem gal. The expert reminds, occurrence lumbago should see a doctor to the hospital first, making clear isFall in love with the sea

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The lumbago of which kinds of type, avoid by all means takes exercise blindly by oneself and use remedy.

It is OK that the waist aches Lian Yuga

3. ifForum of Shanghai night net

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The word of lumbago should know what the cause that causes lumbago is, the lumbago that some diseases bring about can undertake alleviating through gem gal, but the lumbago that some diseases bring about, cannot drill quite gem gal, so everybody is in Lian Yuga when, ten million cannot blind follows suit vie, want the body state according to oneself, go appropriately fitness.

The lumbago with long 4. can bring about lumbar flesh group mobile level falls, muscle is adipose change, reduce lumbar stability then. Normally lumbar stability is by core flesh group if crack flesh and celiac horizontal stroke more,flesh is maintained, and the activity of lumbar is wait for big muscle by perpendicular backbone flesh group will start. ConnectA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Cross pair of nucleus cardiac muscle group training can increase lumbar stability effectively, prevent lumbar injury, alleviate lumbago. The bag in a few form of characters or letters of gem gal contains core flesh group the method of training, the nuclear cardiac muscle that can strengthen us through often practicing these movements group.

It is OK that the waist aches Lian Yuga

Arm of 5. cobra type exerts oneself to do sth. unbend, the upper part of the body leaves the ground, the eye sees Xiang Zhengqian square; maintain 1-3 minute. Be likeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Fruit is dull in these 3 minutes, still can twist roll a head, alleviate the neck is aching. This movement solves lumbago to delay ache is exceedingly effective, small make up often do, exceedingly comfortable.

6. shoemaker type lets sole photograph stick, genuflect is loosened, near the area downward as far as possible (not loath, can get hurt otherwise) ;2, hand is put on the foot, the drawing before whole body body. Maintain 1Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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– 3 minutes. It alleviates not only lumbar back, OK also drawing basin bone.

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