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No matter be in the life or job, often see slant apparently fat crowd, apparently overmuch fat appeared on the body, to this kind of crowd, decreaseForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Fertilizer is the thing with the most important instantly, adjust besides food besides, a lot of people can choose fitness to reduce weight, additional and young man students, hope to be able to drill a strong muscle, but the thing that drills muscle is not in one day, must learn to hold to for a long time, and should master exercise sarcous method correctly.

How does muscle drill the most quickly?

How does muscle drill the most quickly?

1, great weight, small number: What state with Rm quantity of a certain bear can be done continuously in strong and handsome theory is highest repeat a time. For instance, the person that practice can be raised 5 times continuously only to a weight, criterion this weight is 5rm. Consider to make clear: The bear training of 1-5rm can make muscle is added thick, grow force and rate; The bear training of 6-10rm can make muscle bulky, power rate rises, but endurance growth is not apparent; The fiber of bear training flesh of 10-15rm is added thick not apparent, but force, speed, endurance all has progress; The bear of 30rm trains grow in quantity of the blood capillary inside muscle, durable power rises, but force, rate rises not apparent. Visible, the bear weight of 5-10rm applies to the strong and handsome training that increases muscle volume.

How does muscle drill the most quickly?

2, many groups of number: When to want to wanted to take exercise, do on 2 ~ 3 groups, this is wasteful time actually, can grow muscle far from. The time that must take out 60 ~ technically 90 minutes exercises a certain centrallyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, every movement does 8 ~ 10 groups, ability stimulates muscle adequately, the refreshment that at the same time muscle needs time is longer. Accomplish muscle saturation all the time till, “Degree of saturation ” should experience oneself, its moderate level is: Acerbity, bilge, pins and needles, solid, full, outspread, and on muscle appearance apparently brawny wait.

3, long displacement: No matter be to row, lie push, choose, turn is lifted, should put dumbbell above all as far as possible low, with sufficient drawing muscle, lift again as far as possible tall. This one with ” continuously nervous ” can contradict sometimes, the means of settlement is apace is passed ” the lock is decided ” condition. Nevertheless, do not deny the intention that the half Cheng of great weight moves.

4, slow rate: Raise slowly, putting slowly1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Below, deeper to sarcous stimulation. Especially, when putting down dumbbell, want to control good rate, do concede sex exercise, can stimulate muscle adequately. A lot of people ignored concede sex to practice, raise dumbbell will calculate finished the job, put down immediately, wasted increase sarcous big inning.

How does muscle drill the most quickly?

5, tall1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Density: “Density ” those who point to is two groups of breathing space between, rest 1 minute only or fewer time calls high density. Want to make muscle piece increases quickly, be about little rest, stimulate muscle often. “Many groups of number ” also be to build in ” high density is spent ” on the foundation. When taking exercise, want an elephantNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Like fighting, absorbedly investment trains, do not go considering other issue.

6, read aloud move consistent: Sarcous job gets innervation, attention density can arouse centrally more flesh fiber have a job. When experienced some movement, answer to make idea and movement rise consistently conciously, drill thinks what muscle is versed in namelyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Make. For example: Drill vertical turn is lifted, be about to lower his head to be looked attentively at with double eye from already double arm, see humerus 2 flesh are contracting slowly.

7, peak is contractive: This is a when make muscle line drills very apparently main law. When it asks to accomplish the position with muscle the most nervous systole when a certain movement, hold the position with this kind of the most nervous systole, do exercise of static force sex, reply slowly next behavioral beginning the position. The method is a feeling when muscle is the most nervous, several 1 ~ 6, put again.

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