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Everybody knows ran is a kind of the simplest motion, also be first-rate at the same time motion having oxygen, ran has a lot of profit to health of body and mind, have very good effect reducing weight especially, normally the circumstance falls, people can be in afternoon or in the evening when ran, besides, also some people can rise early to go out next morning runs, this also is very good habit really, so does morning run commonly does how long suit most?

Does morning run is how long advisable?

Does morning run is how long advisable?

Above all, just awoke from inside Morpheus, the person’s temperature is inferior, especially articulatory bursa cannot very good exudation is lubricant material, do the great strength athletic sports such as ran, can create articulatory strain!

Next, when just rising in the morning, the movement of each viscera still is in human body inferior level, take exercise at that time, it is more dangerous for flimsier to cardiovascular function person. Sports medicine has proved, pace of early start of a race, raised the possibility that thrombus forms in blood-vessel, easy cause hemal embolism, because at this moment haemal cohesive affinity rose 6% . Additional, blood pressure and heartbeat rise and quicklyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Degree all bigger, circumstance of easy generation excess load, affect athletic effect and health.

Does morning run is how long advisable?

Not only such, from external environment for, newest research shows the morning is chroma of the carbon dioxide in a day of air the time with the most serious haze of highest, mist paragraph, this moment undertakes morning runs to cause respiratory system disease easily, the proposal runs friendly people after mist haze is abreaction again morning runs.

Be worth what carry is, running friendly circle still has to be in all the time at issueForum of Shanghai night net

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the problem is, does morning run whether should hollow? Coquettish year want to accuseForum of Shanghai night netFall in love with the sea

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Tell everybody, on the low side of the blood sugar when rising early, if be hollow or high strenth morning runs, cause hypoglycemia easily, but also cannot eat too much to undertake morning runs. Had better be energy of dot of the complement before morning runs, after morning runs, remember eating bit of breakfast again.

Does morning run is how long advisable?

Accordingly, the place on put together is narrated, coquettish year the optimal time that thinks morning runs is the person gets up the time that a hour influences (got up at 7 o’clock) . Each organs of this moment person return to normal already basically run, the dense fog in air already dropped off, air is fresh, the thing taking a place with the enough also and simple at the same time time of a hourLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, go again after this ran, enjoy the fun that morning runs.

Can have of course run friend will ask: “This time is absolutelyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Accurate? ” to this problem coquettish year think: No matter get up how long, if he is in,is response after running only, this time is correct. Not absolutely ” optimal ” time, suit time most only.

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