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Chinese olive is in south is a kind of very common thing, chinese olive can oil expression, the fructification of Chinese olive also can use edible, the pulp nutrition of Chinese olive is very rich, often the gain with healthy to the person edible is very much, the protein content in Chinese olive pulp, vitamin and the content of all sorts of microelement are very tall, chinese olive although nutrient value is rich, but it is to cannot be mixed some food at the same time of edible, where is that olive and what photograph gram?

 Chinese olive and what photograph are overcome

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Chinese olive and turnip are fed together destroy vitamin C

Overcome a consideration: Chinese olive renown Chinese olive, contain rich vitamin C, more ascorbic acid ferment is contained in the turnip enzymatic, can destroy vitamin C, both is fed together, can reduce nutrient value.

Healthy clew: New olive has alexipharmic effect, to alcoholism, piscine crab is toxic, gas and toxic it is better to have alleviate action.

Beef and Chinese olive photograph overcome: Feed together can cause the body is unwell

Food photograph gram contrasts watch common saying says ” civilian to be day ” in order to feed, since fast ancient, people values reasonable food very much, go out in the summary in long years a lot ofShanghai Long Feng forum

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Valuable experience. Feed can raise a person, also can injure a person, the negative effect of unidentified food, put the food that cannot eat together together, can pose contradiction, be in thereby imperceptible in the health that damaged oneselfSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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 Chinese olive and what photograph are overcome

The harm that Chinese olive and beef eat together

Beef: Chinese olive contains rich calcic element and vitamin C, very big to the person’s benefit. Chinese olive nutrition is rich, the child has to grow to be in benignantly to skeleton more, adult eats more easily the absorption of calcium and vitamin. Chinese olive sex is smooth, theoretic edible 100 without contraindication, but avoid and beef are fed together. Beef and olive are fed together won’t cause toxic, but can cause abdominal distensionLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Gastric ministry is unwell, so proposal olive does not want to be fed together with beef.

Chinese olive and what had eaten together

Shang Yuan of lean lean of Bao of pear of Chinese olive snow expects: Qing Gan Lan pear of 15 bead, snow 2, 500 grams of lean lean, ginger 2, salt is right amount.


1, Chinese olive abluent, pat; of flat Xue Li a bit with the back of a knife blade

2, hit Shi Xueli, the knead that use salt two, 3 minutes, abluent, cut piece, go nuclear;

 Chinese olive and what photograph are overcome

3, lean lean is abluent, stripping and slicing, float water scoops;

4, boil clear water, put Chinese olive, Xue Li, lean lean and Jiang Pian, conflagration boils 20 minutes, turn small fire Bao half hours, next salt flavor can drinkable.

The edible of Chinese olive is no-no

Market sale colour and lustre is special if the Chinese olive fruit of viridescence does not have a bit yellow, explainForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Already vitriol leach bubble passes, for the sake of good-looking, had better not edible or full is sure to want when eating clean.

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