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Article introduction

The fish is the aquatic product that our life middling takes, cruelly oppress is exquisite and delicious, contain many protein and vitamin, can satisfy body place to need nutrition, in the meantime, piscine practice is very much also, but we have fish only, fishbone often is to regard as rubbish desertions, but some of person loves fishbone alone however, still can the dish with its delicate make it, so how is fishbone done delicious?

 How is fishbone head done delicious

Fishbone nutrition value

Fish bone weighs fishbone again, rich calcium is contained to be mixed character in fishbone microelement, often eat can prevent osteoporosis, of the adolescent to be in growth period and skeletal senesce in old people will tell, have profit very much. And, through the fishbone that proper bate handles, nutrient composition makes water-solubility material, be absorbed very easily by human body. So, eat fishbone to be opposite more the body is beneficial and harmless.

Because won’t be done,a lot of people do not eat fishbone is, the method that here introduces a kind to do fishbone:

Can put fishbone in oily boiler to go scamper, the fishbone that scamper gives is sweet fragile goluptious, solid those who be a rare is fastfood.

 How is fishbone head done delicious

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Method / measure

Take fishbone, cut fishbone small down bifurcate with scissors, park dish in, join Jiang Si, cooking wine, salt, unripe smoke, mix divide evenly, souse is controlled 1 hour.

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The park after redundant flour is empty dish in stand-by.

Put at full amount oil in boiler, when heat of oily Wen Jia comes to be controlled most probably, issue fishbone, small fire slow fly into rage, till scamper becomes the fish out after golden color, accuse oil.

Scatter according to individual taste on pepper or pink of the five spices all but.

 How is fishbone head done delicious


Piscine place sells in market, buy the fishbone that shave drops very easily, the price is quite substantial. Need you possibly nevertheless to rise early a few, go estimating late be done not have so that sell.

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Because have fish,be implicative, so deepfry fishbone must use small fire slow flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, such piscine bone just is met crisp can eat directly, conversely if a crucial moment is too big, cruelly oppress is very easy anxious, fishbone is easy also soft.

Be sure to keep in mind to must use dressing souse before fishbone blast, go effectively the flavour that ability of raw meat or fish assures whole course.

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