[had eaten cherry to you can drink a milk? ] _ milk _ eats – together

Article introduction

Cherry and milk are common at ordinary times thing, the nutrient value of both is very tall, do not cross cherry and milk at the same time edible is what to won’t abstain from, the milk can be drunk after eating cherry, everybody can be at ease edible, but cherry had better not eat more, although the nutrition in cherry1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Material is very rich, if one-time eat too much, especially the person with bad stomach, it is to be able to cause a stomach uncomfortable.

Had eaten cherry to you can drink a milk?

With what cannot cherry eat together?

1. cucumber

Many vitamin C is contained in cherry, this is a kind of very strong antioxidant, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Can the United States is white, can go spot, can fight septicemia to wait, it is composition of a kind of special nourishing, and vitamin C is contained to decompose in cucumber enzymatic, can destroy the vitamin C in cherry, the nutrient value that makes cherry original is destroyed.

2. carrot

Vitamin C ferment is contained in carrot enzymatic, this kind of material also can destroy the content of C of the vitamin in cherry, after if eat,crossing cherry, eat a lot of carrot again, so, cherryLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Medium vitamin C nutrient place remnant very few, for nothing waste was dropped.

3. animal liver

Plasma of many copper, iron is contained in animal liver, can let C of vitamin of dehydrogenation of melt into of oxygen of active vitamin C, reduce the nutrition of the many vitamin C in cherry, accordingly, unfavorable feed together.

4. strawberry

Strawberry also is a kind of fruit that contains many vitamin C, have nutrition exceedingly, but, after eating cherry in great quantities, eat a lot of strawberry again, every minutes of minute meeting lets phenomenon of person occurrence get angry.

Had eaten cherry to you can drink a milk?

Cherry and what collocation extract juice

1. cherry cider

Right amount cherry and apple, had cut, go extracting juice together after the nucleus. Cherry contains iron much, can beneficial taste, alimentary liver kidney, alleviate deficientLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Blood, the apple is the fruit with a kind of more comprehensive nutrition, effect of a hairdressing is better.

2. cherry yoghurt

Cherry, raw ingredient yoghurt each are right amount. Cherry is washed clean, go nucleus, put into mixer and agitate of raw ingredient yoghurt to be hit into juice can. Cherry contains A of iron, vitamin very tall, can promote haemoglobin to generate, prevent to be short of iron sex anaemia, head of beneficial Zhi Jian, enhance a constitution, yoghurt, can changeForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Environment of path of bowel of be apt to, this drink discharges poisonous hairdressing, filling calcium filling iron.

Had eaten cherry to you can drink a milk?

Cherry edible is no-no

1. eats 6 or so. Cherry sex is lukewarm, one-time cannot eat too much, do not exceed 10 at most everyday, avoid to cause appearance of suffer from excessive internal heat.

2. washed cherry had better eat immediately. Touch the cherry that sail upstream, if cannot eat in time, although be put in freezer, also allow easy metamorphism, the cherry that buys had better eat inside 7 days, in the meantime, sun should prevent when storing point-blank.

3. body heat, ulcer, diabetic person eats less. Cherry is lukewarm sex food, a large number of edible are easy go upForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Fire, body heat, ulcer, diabetic person had better eat less.

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