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A kind of food, steamed stuffed bun can make the stuffing of a lot of different taste. Make according to oneself be fond of, so people likes the steamed stuffed bun of Chinese cabbage meat stuffing. Because Chinese cabbage is the vegetable that contains a variety of vitamins, often eat Chinese cabbage to be helpful for enhancing oneself immunity power. Can avoid disease happening at the same time. Steamed stuffed bun is OK oneself make, so what is the practice of steamed stuffed bun of Chinese cabbage meat stuffing?

The practice of steamed stuffed bun of Chinese cabbage meat stuffing


Flour is right amount, yeast is right amount, chinese cabbage is right amount, pork is right amount, green ginger end is right amount, salt is right amount, Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Gourmet powder is right amount, five sachet, balm is right amount

The practice of steamed stuffed bun of Chinese cabbage meat stuffing

The method that make:

Raw material:

Pork stuffing, Chinese cabbage, green, Jiang Mo, flour, yeasty, soy, 13 sweet, salt, gourmet powder.


1, leaven dough. Open yeast with lukewarm to hydrate, join flour knead dough. The place that is put in warmth undertakes fermenting.

2. pork stuffing uses soy, Jiang Mo, 13 sweet, gourmet powder, balm, souse.

3. Chinese cabbage is mincing, green is mincing, put chopped meat, join oily agitate.

4. wraps steamed stuffed bun, if you include the model of the steamed bread, ask the bag way that consults my steamed bread flesh is wrapped, I Bao Yuan’s reckon you should be metShanghai Long Feng forum

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. Quiet place undertakes 2 times fermenting after the package is nice, if temperature is too low, can put inside oven to ferment.

After 5. steamed stuffed bun has waked, turn on the water inside boiler, after basket cloth perhaps wipes oil, the shop on fine-toothed comb puts steamed stuffed bun, give the evaporate after steam 20 minutes to involve fire. After involving fire, not be eager to building first, quiet place 10 minutes of above, reopen takes out steamed stuffed bun too.

The practice of steamed stuffed bun of Chinese cabbage meat stuffing

Chinese cabbage nutrition is analysed

1. , Chinese cabbage contains rich crude fibre, not only the effect that can have poison of embellish bowel, stimulative platoonForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach again, stimulative defecate is excreted, help digestive function. Have favorable effect to preventing alvine cancer.

Air of season of 2. , autumn winter is particularly dry, cold wind is great to skin harm of the person. E of rich vitamin C, vitamin is contained in Chinese cabbage, eat Chinese cabbage more, can rise to be protected very well skin and raise Yan Xiaoguo.

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. , the scientist discovery of institute of hormone of American new York, china and incidence of a disease of Japanese woman breast cancer compare western woman low much, because they often have the reason of Chinese cabbage,be. There are a few microelements in Chinese cabbage, they can be helped decompose contact with breast cancer photographShanghai night net

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