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Obese person is very much really among modern society, someShanghai Long Feng forum

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The life that fat meeting gives moment him and job bring very big inconvenience, more important is fat bring about the body possibly still to contract on a lot of severe diseases. Because this solves fat problem to want to reduce weight in time namely above all, the bad food that is him give up next is used to. Wax gourd is very good food reducing weight, so, how is soup of wax gourd clam done?

How is soup of wax gourd clam done?

Clam, wax gourd each 300 grams, ginger 4, saline 1/2 small spoon, rice wine 1 big spoon, balm 1 small spoon.


Flay of 1. wax gourd, abluent, clam of; of stripping and slicing is abluent, the bubble in putting salt solution 1A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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5 minutes, scoop, drop does; ginger flay, cut into shreds.

Burn into half boiler water in 2. boiler, put Jiang Si and wax gourd stew to boil 15 minutes, join clam to boil stretch to clam shell, add condiment again smooth can.

Practice one

Cookbook raw material

Clam, wax gourd, golden China ham, green, ginger, cooking wine, caraway

The method that make

1, wax gourd is cut thick piece, golden China ham cuts end, the ginger of the half cuts into shreds, half ginger section, green is cut paragraph, reserve;

2, green paragraph, Jiang Pian, cooking wine falls into boiler, receive full amount water — the water that suits the soup that boil namely, it is to should boil Shang Di; after this water

3, ignition, green ginger water is boilingA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Hind, enter clam;

4, boil clam iron, after the mouth namely; of fish out clam and green, ginger

5, take out clam flesh;

6, silk of a few ginger and ham end are joined to boil about 15 minutes in the Shang Shui of the clam that boil;

7, enter wax gourd next, boil wax gourd soft soft;

8, pour clam flesh finally, boil 29 minutes again can. Caraway is scattered immediately after involving fire paragraph.

How is soup of wax gourd clam done?

Practice 2

Advocate makings: Clam 500g, wax gourd a;

Complementary makings: Balm 1/3 teaspoon, salt 1/2 teaspoon, egg 1, ginger 1, water right amount, green Chinese onion 1 paragraph of;


The clam with redemptive 1. already had spat sand, rinse with running water completely can

2. a pot for steaming food turns on the water, put fine-toothed comb, put clam on fine-toothed comb, put green Jiang Kuai, medium baking temperature evaporate 5-10 minute

3. boil after 5 minutes, want a lid to look, see clam has ringent, place immediately come out

4. ringent clam puts the air in the bowl cool, cool hind take out clam flesh, stand-by the water in; a pot for steaming food waits for broken bits child after precipitation, the boiling water with clear teem, stand-by

Flay of 5. wax gourd and seed, abluent, section; egg break up

6. has one pot additionally, enter clear clam boiling water, big baked wheaten cake opens; to pour wax gourd, burn, boil to wax gourd become transparent slightly

7. enters clam flesh, boil again

8. drenchs eggForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Fluid is boiled, add salt to flavor, drench the balm of a few, fill go out can enjoy

How is soup of wax gourd clam done?

Practice 3

Advocate makings: Clam is right amount;

Complementary makings: Wax gourd is right amount;

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Condiment: Salad oil right amount, salt Jiang Kuo quantity, water is right amount, right amount;


Flay of 1. wax gourd, cut chip, clam is rinsed clean, jiang Qie piece

2. clam raises above a long time in water, with spitting silt

3. wax gourd piece in putting bowl, add water to boil to about 8 mature

4. puts clam, Jiang Pian, drip a few is oily, after starting to talk to clam, boil half minutes again, add salt can.

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